Puzzle of Planets (video game)

For a contest to get to space center in USA I developed a game called "Puzzle of planets" in like two weeks. It is a simple game where you have to put together peaces of planets, after you complete the puzzle, it shows you information about the planet, like when it was discovered, how big it is and other intersting facts.

The game gets harder by the level. Oh and there is a special cheat. If you want to access the level screen, press "0" on keyboard (zero) while in main menu screen and then click on the moon. And you can choose which ever level you want to assemble. you can download the game down below! By the way, the game is in my native language (Latvian). If you are non-latvian speaker, then just click on button "Sākt Spēli" or something like that! Oh, "Pluto" didn't deserve to be in my game, thanks Dr. Neil deGrass Tyson wink. I might make a remake of this game in english and not on adobe flash but something like java for android, linux, windows and mac.

Download: planetu_puzle.zip (6.57M)


Some Screenshots:

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