Hey there, I'm Raivis, I have BEng(hons) Computer Engineering degree from University Of Portsmouth. Also I'm a System Analyst at Seagate Technology. I describe myself as a computer programming and micro-controller enthusiast! If you want to contact me you can use the contact form or send me an e-mail

From the time I tried gaming system "Dendi" (Soviet NES clone), 20 years ago, my life changed. 
With my attention turned completely to computers, it was time to learn everything connected to computing in general, especially programming. Hence, my decision to study computer engineering became inevitable. 
I have been programming since 5th grade. First programming language which I learned was PASCAL, which I was using to attend local programming contests. My interests in computer programming languages led me to acquire new skills in C++ besides PASCAL. I really got hang of C++ when I discovered Qt framework, it changed how I do GUI programming. Summing up, I have been programming for more than 10 years. I am also fairly confident in languages which are necessary for WEB development like PHP, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, HTML. 

Since 9th grade I have been programming and making some money with web pages. Soon after that my father interested me into micro-controller programming. The first micro-controller which I learned to program was PIC. I programmed it in assembler. Now I am using AVR Atmega series, and I am programming them in both AVR C++ and assembler. Due to, the help of my father, the first electronic circuit I created was LED array in the beginning of 10th grade. I have not done many projects with PIC, because a year later I started to use AVR Atmega series micro-controllers, and I am still using them till this very day. Recently I've started to explore ARM cortex series micro-controllers from ST and Nordic Semiconductors.

Participating in Computing Olympiads has been an annual contest since 5th grade. Every year has been a great experience with different results, but most of all I have successfully reached the Top 4. This experience has helped me to become more skilled in designing electronic circuits and programming micro-controllers. 
In year 2010, I had a scientific research work done about how the number of sensors influences on line follower robot's movement. My research got three 1st places and one 2nd place. 
In year 2013 I've been awarded as top MEng computer engineering student at University of Porstmouth.
In year 2014 I've been awarded Excellent student performance prize at University of Portsmouth.

Although I'm fairly young I already have about 10 years of work experience in IT field. It consists of more than 5 years working experience as a computer technician for "MTD Centrs" in Saldus. My duty there was to fix computers. Occasionally, I got to develop some things; mostly websites for that company or for others. This part-time job has helped me to improve my sense of time managing, responsibility and teamwork. However, a year later after I started my engineering degree at university I began working as software engineer at Seagate Technology (formely Xyratex). I've been doing so over 5 years. My tasks there involves developing AI, computer vision, simulations, business analysis tools, business optimisation tools and various other small tools for the business.

More or less my work and hobby fills my free time, but I always try to spend time reading IT and Popular science magazines or books as well the latest articles in philosophy. Nevertheless outside the computer and scientific world I have interests in motorcycling, swimming and exploring various beers, mainly English ales or Belgium beers.

Overall an excellent education and hard work is a key to rewarding employment that leads to a fortunate life.