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    Showcase of projects which lack the details and explanation of a tutorial.

Fixing FlashQard image loading problems

One of my favourite applications when it comes to learning, that is revising is FlashQard.

FlashQard is an educational software to improve your learning process. It is designed to help you learn not only a new language but anything that can be learnt! 
This aim is achieved by using the widely used method, called Leitner System, and the idea of "different card types for different purposes". 
Leitner System (proposed by Sebastian Leitner in the 1970s) is one the most efficient methods for learning. Which allows you to focus on the most difficult flashcards and not waste your time on what you have already learnt.

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Single Cycle MIPS CPU in VHDL

As the headline states single cycle MIPS32 processor implementation. I have implemented register file, instruction fetcher, Arithemtic Logic Unit (ALU), control unit and snychronous write/ asynchronous read memory. No pipelining though. This is a very simple implementation for learning purposes. Honestly for me this was one the most enjoyable lectures I had, I always wanted to learn how actually a CPU works. Conitnue reading to access the report!

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EagleEye basic search engine

850One of my university courseworks was to develop a working search engine. Which consists of modules like text analyzer, stemmer, tokenizer, web crawler and so on. Even though I'm not 100% staisfied with my performance, because when I did I learned so much, but was lazy to go back and correct or improve my design. Anyway you can find documentation, exectutables and full source in this article.

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Strain Gauge based weight sensor (load cell)

For my group design project one of the main tasks was to determine the amount Lego blocks stacked together. The group gave me this task, so I decided to make a weight sensor based on strain gauge. Hopefully I'll be able to briefly explain how it is done and what obstacles I had to overcome.

Warning: the article turned out to be rather large

Hopefully, it will help someone out there in the world to get over frustation faster, when working with strain gauges.


Thanks hackaday for publishing my article!

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REV Counter

The last project for first year students in my uni was to design and develop a REV counter which could cope with frequencies ranging from 15Hz to 150hz (900 RPM - 9000 RPM) using 8051 micro-controller. This is the project where we had to implement 7 segment display to show the data, and because of my previous experience we not only implemented the 7 segment display but LCD character display as well.

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