Touch gesture recognition using body capacitance

For my final year project, I tried to replicate and possibly improve the Disney's touche device using much cheaper components than they did. It was a partial success, but a great learning experience nontheless. These days most touch sensitive devices are designed either to recognize where it has been touched or whether is touched or not. Many objects around us in everyday life can be potentially used as touch interactive surface providing they are made out of conductive material. With the conventional way it would only be possible to detect whether the object has been touched or not. However, by exciting the object with different frequencies it is possible to detect how much skin is touching it. Essentially the system could recognize whether the object is grabbed, pinched, touched by one or more fingers or any other gesture which have different amount of skin touching it. There are many surfaces, objects and liquids which can be transformed into touch sensitive devices without additional buttons or touchscreens like door handles, mobile phones, lamps, desks, walls etc. 

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Complete guide using SURF feature detector

Basically one of the most interesting built in algorithms in OpenCV are feature detectors. In this tutorial I will cover only SURF algorithm, but be aware SURF and SIFT algorithm is not free, and shouldn't be used for commercial purposes only educational. Hopefully you will be able to modify the codefor other feature detectors as well (the free ones), like ORB, FAST, MSER, STAR, BRIEF etc.

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